save seeds to save the planet

Grow your own world began as a dry land gardening project in southern Spain. In the beginning it was all about growing vegetables but it has since evolved to focus on seed saving. The aim of this website is to encourage other gardeners to grow to seed and I hope to do this by sharing everything I have learnt about seed saving over the last few years. I also want to make seeds available to other gardeners, preferably by swap, but everyone has to start somewhere so I am happy to send seeds out for a small fee to cover postage costs.

There is a wealth of information out there outlining why it is important to save seeds and I will post interesting links as I find them.

Self reliance goes much further than just growing food. I am soap making, bee keeping and preserving foods in different ways. I hope to share all the information I have to help and encourage others to take up these practices. It's just hard to find thew time to spend with the computer when there is so much to do outside!!!

Stop surfing and get busy. The future generations rely on what we leave behind.