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build your own beehive

last year I received an email 6 times asking me to sign a petition to save the bees. I couldn't see how signing a virtual petition would do any good and asked myself "what can I do?" I decided to get busy with a little bit of research, some scrap wood and with the help of my family, we built a beehive in a day. 

Soap makers corner

Making your own soap is not as difficult as you may think and the resulting soap is far more luxurious than anything you can buy in the shops. Variations on scent, colour and texture are limited only by your imagination. Start simple, get the hang of it and then experiment. You can be sure that you will create something unique!

Before I launch into a "how to" a very important few words on HEALTH AND SAFETY.


Luffas are easy to grow, once they get going. The seedlings tend to be a bit weedy but if you can coax them through their early fragile stage, they will be off and running. Mine grow up through my olive trees and are also happy along the fence.

They display a large yellow flower before forming luffas which look a bit like big cucumbers.


This year, an infestation in my young tomato plants totally stumped me. Because I could find nothing in my gardening books that looked anything like it, I visited my local organic association to see if they had any ideas. “Oh you won’t find any information about it in your books” Juan told me, “you would have to search for references to an outbreak in South America.” “What?? I asked. “How did it end up in my tomatoes?” “It’s the plague” he informed me. “The tomato moth, tuta absoluta, arrived from Chile three years ago imported into Valencia with, of all things, tomatoes!”